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4th grade

4th Grade

Kaylene Cone & April Krebs

Communication Arts

In 4th grade communication arts we use a system called The Daily 5 which allows students to make choices within a framework of communication arts skills. Students may choose Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, and Word Work. Within these 5 choices the students are given a CAFÉ menu of strategies to improve Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand Vocabulary. Students practice reading and writing everyday using a combination of self-choice, and strategies. They model these strategies for one another and set goals. Students monitor their own progress, work within guided reading groups, and complete fully edited writing projects for publication. Students in 4th grade Communication Arts are allowed to choose a successful place to work in the classroom, whether that is under a table, in a corner, in a rolling chair, or on a pillow or carpet.

Enrichment: This short class period is utilized as a time for students to set goals, monitor progress, and keep track of learning choices.


Our 4th grade science curriculum uses the process of scientific inquiry and technology to investigate science concepts, conduct experiments, and solve problems. In essence, students will learn through observing, classifying, and engineering. Fourth grade science encompasses topics in earth/space, physical, and life sciences. We have high expectations for our 4th grade scientists, who will need to gather information and use critical thinking skills to be successful. For instance, 4th grade will learn to build electrical circuits and design marble roller coasters based on the information gathered from reading, research, and labs. Students will learn a variety of ways to read and research areas in science to help build a solid foundation of the concepts. Then we will conduct a large number of labs and activities to help the students understand and question the science concepts. Using their reasoning skills to evaluate the information, the students will then be able to analyze and draw conclusions, comprehend and process new information, and apply the results to everyday life situations.

Plant Adaptations Presentations

Social Studies

In Social Studies, 4th graders learn all about our great state of Missouri, including its rich cultural heritage and history, our diverse regions and important natural resources, as well as our government from the local to state level. Some of our favorite activities include creating our Missouri cookies, researching famous Missourians and doing our “Famous Missourians Wax Museum,” and traveling to Jefferson City to tour the State Capitol building and the Governor’s Mansion.


Our 4th grade math curriculum combines hands-on interaction and written practice to build a strong understanding of math concepts already acquired, and to expose the students to new, more challenging concepts. These hands-on interactions include the use of a variety of games and the use of manipulatives. Students develop a strong knowledge base for completing a variety of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. They will also work with fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, area, perimeter, probability, and basic algebra. We then build on that knowledge base by further developing the ability to apply their mathematical skills and strategies to solving real life problems. Fourth grades also have the opportunity to participate in the Osceola Math Competition. This competition is for students in grades 4-6. Area schools are invited to Osceola to compete in a variety of individual and team math events. It is a great opportunity for our students to showcase what they have learned during the course of the year.



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