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6th grade

6th Grade

Shelby Belisle, Leia Guerin, Kaela McGrath, Juli Schmedding

5th and 6th graders learn and apply skills from the Every Day Math series. It is an intensive curriculum and includes areas such as lattice math, new methods of division, as well as pre-algebra. They also get to play math games on netbooks.

Social Studies 
5th graders study early American exploration and Colonization, the Revolutionary War, Westward Expansion, and the Civil War.

6th graders study the Middle Ages and Ancient Civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, the Aztecs, Incas, Ancient Egyptians, as well as Ancient Greece and Rome. Students also do a Feudalism simulation where they get to play a role in a Feudalistic society, they get to make their own crest and make up a Medieval name.

Communication Arts 
5th graders read the novel There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, participate in WebQuest reading, and Smart Board language games. They perform reader's theater and keep a writer's notebook. 
6th graders study Greek Myths, Egyptian fiction and non-fiction, poetry and classic pieces of literature; read Freak the Mighty and The Outsiders; and kept writer's notebooks. They participate in a Greek Odyssey simulation and work on an autobiographical end-of-year project.

5th/6th grade science: Fifth and sixth graders are scientists with inquiring minds! The curriculum for both grades focuses on scientific inquiry and application of the scientific method to investigate questions and draw conclusions. Students conduct numerous investigations throughout the year as they study a variety of science topics. Major areas of study for 5th graders include the classification of living things, the solar system, weather, and simple machines. Sixth graders focus on learning about plant and animal cells, biomes, physical and chemical changes, light and sound, and rocks and minerals. Both 5th and 6th grade students are involved in a variety of tasks requiring teamwork to design and complete projects. 5th and 6th graders are super scientists!

Coterie Theater- The 6th grade class took a trip to the Coterie Theater in Kansas City to see the play the Outsiders after they read the book in class. 
Kansas City Aquarium- Students took a tour through the Kansas City Aquarium and got to see many new and different creatures, such as the carpet shark, in their habitat.

Math Contest- The elementary teachers held a Math Contest at Osceola this year with two other schools, El Dorado Springs and Weaubleau. Osceola's 5th grade took 1st Place, and Osceola's 6th grade took 2nd place. Students competed in different categories such as individual testing, tangram relay, pentomino puzzles, Sudoku, team Sudoku, team problem solving, and a math quiz bowl.

Quiz Bowl- Students competed in a Quiz Bowl competition this year. 
Honor Choir- 5th and 6th grade students got to go to conferences in Warrensburg and Archie. Students got the experience of learning new music and singing in a large choir while developing their own talents as singers.

Field Day
Students participated in track events such as running, discus, shot put, and long jump.




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