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1st Grade

1st Grade

Jennifer McClimans & Juli Schmedding

This year's first graders are full of life and enjoy learning new things! These first graders are best known as the "world travelers" around the school. They are studying many different countries, learning about the geography of the land and the culture of the people. They will study about China and Japan and then celebrate their culture with a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Things to come are traveling to Nigeria to learn about the rainforest, making tie-dye shirts, and having their own Open Market.


Osceola's 1st graders have started their community service project Operation Gobble Wobble..... a canned food drive for the Osceola Food the classes in this great competition for a great cause. 

1st graders

Doing hands-on math games, they are learning to add and subtract, tell time, shapes, graphs, and measurements. Some of their favorite math games include Top-It and Penny Grab.

Reading is a very important part of the first grade. They participate in reading centers where they work on many different activities based around reading. The students love reading about Dr. Seuss, the Presidents, dinosaurs, and other adventurous books. Both classes had a goal to read 100 books by the first of the year.

During science, they study magnets, dinosaurs, and animals. They are also learning about the five senses, force, and motion.

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