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Founded 1946

Advisor: Charles Simpson



State FFA Convention Highlights 2016

  • David Zink placed 1st in the state in the Outdoor Recreation Proficiency Award Area and will compete at Nationals. He was recognized on the Hearnes Stage with a plaque and $250.
  • Hailey Hough was 2nd in the state in the Specialty Animal Proficiency Award Area.
  • Dairy Cattle Team (Livie Garrison, Hailey Hough and Corey Duskin) earned a Group II ranking. Livie Garrison placed 32nd individual out of 222 competitors, earning an Individual Group I ranking.
  • The Livestock Team (Gerrit Brouwer, Kyle Elliott, Kevin Alexander, and Sabrina Snider) earned a Group III ranking. Gerrit Brouwer earned a Group II Individual ranking.
  • Livie Garrison and Kaitlyn Taylor were recognized for achieving the State FFA Degree in front of a record crowd of over 9,000 attendees.
  • Hannah Wheeler was recognized for being selected for the Missouri Agribusiness Academy.
  • Bethany Quessenberry, Livie Garrison, and Corey Duskin were also recognized as being Area winners in their Proficiency Winners on the Hearnes stage.
  • Bethany Quessenberry was selected to perform the National Anthem on the Hearnes stage during the 2nd session with an attendance of nearly 5,000 attendees. She did a fabulous job. 

District AG and FFA Contest Results 2016
These awards are based on their Supervised Agriculture Experience Program.

  • Dairy Cattle Judging Team-Gold Advancing to State
    • Livie Garrison 3rd place individual out of 117 students
    • Corey Duskin 18th place individual out of 117 students
    • Mitchell Dodson
  • Livestock Judging Team-Gold Advancing to State
    • Gerrit Brower-6th high individual out of 126 students
    • Kevin Alexander
    • Sabrina Snider
    • Kyle Elliott
  • Poultry Judging Team-Silver
    • Gage Fergerson-22 high individual out of 112 students
    • Meghan Simmons
    • Makayla Delcour
  • Dairy Foods Team-Silver
    • Blake Murray, Anna Vaughn, Jason Kennedy, Breanna Wood
  • Floriculture Team-Silver
    • Carl Gilstrap, Cheyenne Duskin, Jasmine Dryer
  • Nursery/Landscape-Silver
    • Catherine Martin, Bethany Quessenberry, David Zink
  • FFA Knowledge-Silver
    • Mackenna Neale, Gabby Dutcher, Brandy Hough, Gage Fergerson
  • Creed Speaking Mackenna Neale-5th place
  • Division II Public Speaking Hannah Wheeler-8th place 

Area Proficiency Awards 2016
Ten Osceola FFA members submitted applications for Area Proficiency Awards.

5 individuals placed 1st and will advance to state competition.

  • David Zink-Outdoor Recreation
  • Corey Duskin-Forest Management and Products
  • Bethany Quessenberry-Ag Sales
  • Livie Garrison-Diversified Horticulture
  • Hailey Hough-Specialty Animal Production Placing

2nd at Area were:

  • Hannah Wheeler-AG Communications
  • Gerrit Brouwer-Ag Mechanic Repair and Maintenance
  • Kevin Alexander-Dairy production
  • Makayla Delcour-Vegetable Production

Placing 5th

  • Blake Murray-Forage Production


State FFA Convention April 16-17, 2015

  • Makayla Delcour won 1st in the State in the Fruit Production Proficiency award area and will now compete on the National level.
  • Blake Murray was recognized as the 2nd place winner in the Specialty Crop Proficiency award area.
  • Gavin Coleman, Kailtyn Taylor, Bethany Quessenberry and Livie Garrison were also recognized on stage as Area Winners in their proficiencies.
  • Driston Self was awarded the State FFA Degree.
  • The Entomology team earned a Group III ranking (Ben Tennyson and Mitchell Dodson earned Group II individual rankings and Driston Self and Scott Parmalee were Group III individuals)
  • The Forestry team earned a Group III ranking (David Zink and Blake Murray earned Group II individual ranking and Guy Thomas was a Group III ranking)
  • The Floriculture team earned a Group III ranking (Bethany Quessenberry earned a Group II individual ranking and Hayley Taylor, Kaitlyn Taylor and Hailey Hough earned Group III individual rankings)
  • Bethany Quessenberry performed her singing talent in front of 3,000 plus people in Hearnes stadium.
  • Sabrina Snider performed as part of the State FFA Chorus in front of 8,000 plus people on Friday.
  • Six students served five hour shifts as State FFA Courtesy Corps.
  • Two students served as voting delegates for our chapter. 

District Contest March 31, 2015

Gold Teams Advancing to State Competition:

  • Forestry Team-Blake Murray, Guy Thomas and David Zink David was the 10th high individual out of 116 students
  • Floriculture-Bethany Quessenberry, Kaitlyn Taylor, Hayley Taylor and Hailey Hough
  • Entomology-Driston Self, Mitchell Dodson, Scott Parmalee and Ben Tennyson Ben was the 19th high individual out of 112 students

Proficiency Award Winners to State Competition:

  • Kaitlyn Taylor
  • Bethany Quessenberry
  • Livie Garrison
  • Makayla Delcour
  • Gavin Coleman

State Degree Recipients to State Competition--Driston Self

State Choir to State--Sabrina Snider

State Talent to State--Bethany Quessenberry

Silver Teams at Districts Dairy:

  • Cattle-(only 11 points from state) Jason Kennedy, Breanna Wood, Corey Duskin and Rachel Motley Rachel was the 6th high individual out of 144 students (Gold Individual)
  • Dairy Foods-Bailey Williams, Kelina Coleman, Makayla Delcour, Anna Vaughn Anna was the 22nd high individual out of 162 (Gold Individual)
  • Ag Mechanics-Logan Hicks, Eli Mitchell, and Ephraim Yoder
  • Farm Management-Gavin Coleman, Jasmine Dryer, Catherine Martin
  • Livestock-Kevin Alexander, Noah Owens, Sabrina Snider, Garrett Watson 

Area VII FFA Contests March 24, 2015

  • FFA Knowledge Team-Gerrit Brouwer, Lauren Arduser, Nicole Belisle, and Hannah Wheeler, 5th place-Advances to Districts
  • Hannah Wheeler-Division I Public Speaking, 2nd place Advances to Districts
  • Garrett Watson-3rd place Beginning Ownership Recordbook
  • Driston Self-3rd place Complete Ownership Recordbook
  • Gerrit Brouwer-Creed Speaking
  • Danielle Taylor-Job Interview 

Proficiency Selection Feb 5, 2015
The results from proficiency judging are below. All of our students earned 1st place and are advancing to state competition in their proficiency award areas, which is based upon their Supervised Agriculture Experience Program (SAE).

  • Kaitlyn Taylor-1st Food Services
  • Bethany Quessenberry-1st Ag Processing
  • Livie Garrison-1st Home and Community Development
  • Makayla Delcour-1st Fruit Production
  • Gavin Coleman-1st Wildlife Production
  • Blake Murray-1st Specialty Crop Production 2nd Diversified Crop Production



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