Junior High Track

JH Track

Coach: Kate Carney
Asst. Coach: Gayla Carney

JH WEMO Conference Results 2016

Congratulations to the JH girls for their 4th place finish.

Individual awards:

  • Makayla Cutler-All Conference 1600m run and Pole Vault. Set the JH Girls Pole Vault Record
  • Mckennzee Hoeme-All Conference 1600m run
  • Madison Jones-Conference Champion 400m dash, All conference 200m dash, and long jump
  • Conference Champion 4x200 Relay: Peyton Self, Savanah Jeffs, Makayla Cutler, and Madison Jones

Congratulations to the JH boys on the 1st JH CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP in the school's history!

JH boys Individual awards:

  • Tyler Guerin-Conference Champion Discus and All Conference 100m dash
  • Joseph Guerin-All Conference Long Jump
  • Hunter Noakes- All Conference 800m run, setting a new school record
  • Mitchell Wilson-Conference Champion 100m Hurdles and All Conference High Jump and Pole Vault, set the JH Boys Pole Vault Record
  • Donald White-All Conference Shot Put
  • Marshall Whitham-All Conference 400m dash
  • Conference Champion 4x100 Relay and NEW school record Donald White, Marshall Whitham, Hunter Noakes, and Tyler Guerin
  • All Conference 4x200 Relay Joseph Guerin, Killian Halloran, Donald White, and Tyler Guerin
  • All Conference 4x400 Relay Hunter Noakes, Killian Halloran, Mitchell Wilson, and Marshall Whitham


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