Strength Club

Strength Club

Sponsor: Coach Carney

Grades: 7th-12th

Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday - 7:15-8:00 a.m.

History of Strength Club: Osceola Strength Club was started in the spring of 1985. It has been 35 years in existence! The idea of strength club was to have a "total strength program" that will benefit the athlete or the regular student. Also the program is designed to create a FAMILY atmosphere with our student athletes. It doesn't matter what sport you are in or even if you are in a sport--we lift together as one. ONE designed weightlifting program for ALL Osceola student/athletes. We also have a time where we will test and compete during the spring (around March). We will test in Bench, Squat, Clean and various other agility/speed tests. This test/competition is known as the Iron Man/Woman contest (on the board in the weight room). You have the opportunity to get your name on the board if you are the strongest in your division. You also have the opportunity to earn a medal if you finish in the top three in your division.  

Summer Body Weight Workouts

May 2020

2020 Osceola Iron Man/Woman Contest Results:

Girls Winners:
7th Grade: Div #1 - Grace Colby, Div #2 - Clara Hyke
8th Grade: Div #1 - Kyleigh Crabb, Div #2 - Jordan Jackson
9th-10th Grade: Div #1 - Anna Noakes, Div #2 - Britney Burton
11th-12th Grade: Div #1 - Aleah Asare, Div #2 - Elizabeth Garlick

Boys Winners:
7th Grade: Div #1 - Clayton Crabb, Div #2 - Preston Listerud
8th Grade: Div #1 - Bill Snider, Div #2 - Sam Jones
9th-10th Grade: Div #1 - Uriah Williamson, Div #2 - Cole Thomas, Div #3 - Joseph Williams
11th-12th Grade: Div #1 - Darren Byrd, Div #2 - Mitchell Wilson, Div #3 - Gregory Brouwer

Osceola Iron Man/Woman Contest Results:

Records Broke:
Guy Thomas:  Broke the 185lb Wt Division Power Clean Record with a lift of 275lbs
Hunter Noakes:  Broke the 155lb Wt Division Power Clean Record with a lift of 235lbs.
Rylee White:  Broke the HWY Division Bench with 275lbs, Squat with 475lbs, Power Clean with 270lbs, and overall total with 1,015lbs.

Girls Winners:
7th Grade:  Anna Noakes
8th Grade:  Division #1 Zoe Tillotson and Division #2 Britney Burton
9th-10th Grade:  Div #1 Elizabeth Garlick and Div #2 Makayla Cutler
11th-12th Grade:  Div #1 Brandy Hough and Div #2 Taylor Smart

Boys Winners:
7th Grade:  Div #1  Evan Listerud and Div #2 Jordan Bruce
8th Grade:  Div #1  Gage Smart and Div #2 Corbin Roth
9th-10th Grade:  Div #1 Brandon Sarton, Div #2 Hunter Noakes, Div #3 Donald White
11th-12th Grade:  Div #1 Rylan Sommer, Div #2 Guy Thomas, Div #3 Rylee White
Rylee White, Hunter Noakes, & Guy Thomas New Record Holders 


Osceola Iron Man/Woman Contest Results:


  • 7th and 8th Grade Girls: Zoe Tillotson, Sydney Wheeler, Brittany Burton, Leah Gilstrap, Abby Degenfelder, Chantelle Miller, Carly Sanchez, McKenzie Wohlers, Tia Whitham, Violet Morris, and McKennzee Hoeme.
  • 7th and 8th Grade Boys: Corbin Roth, Gage Smart, Sam Scott, Camden Sommer, Davin McHardie, AJ Krebs, Uriah Williamson, Cole Thomas, Reid Byrne, Killian Halloran, Landon Sommer, Carlos Sanchez, Joseph Guerin
  • HS Girls: Nora Wheatley, Geneva McGrath, Taylor Smart, Alexis Duffy, Maddy Jones, Makayla Cutler, Kelsey Tyson, Brandy Hough, Mackenna Neale
  • HS Boys: Eric Strange, Mitchell Wilson, Donald White, Marshal Whitham, Hunter Noakes, Logan Elges, Ethan Whiting, Brandon Sartin, Trenton Tillotson, Norman Atkin, Tyler Guerin, Nehemiah Simmons, Justin Neale, Gregory Brouwer, Rylan Sommer, Holdt Heckenlively, Guy Thomas, Austin Lackey, Austin Lewis, Jason Kennedy, Andy Cone, Kyle Elliott

Division Winners:

  • 7th Grade Girls Division #1: Abby Degenfelder
  • 7th Grade Girls Division #2: Brittany Burton
  • 8th Grade Girls Division #1: Tia Whitham
  • 8th Grade Girls Division #2: Carly Sanchez
  • 7th Grade Boys Division #1: Cole Thomas
  • 7th Grade Boys Division #2: Gage Smart
  • 8th Grade Boys Division #1: Carlos Sanchez
  • 8th Grade Boys Division #2: Joseph Guerin
  • 9-10th Grade Girls Division #1: Brandy Hough
  • 11-12th Grade Girls Division #1: Geneva McGrath
  • 11-12th Grade Girls Division #2: Taylor Smart
  • 9-10th Grade Boys Division #1: Brandon Sartin
  • 9-10th Grade Boys Division #2: Hunter Noakes
  • 9-10th Grade Boys Division #3: Donald White
  • 11-12th Grade Boys Division #1: Rylan Sommer
  • 11-12th Grade Boys Division #2: Jason Kennedy
  • 11-12th Grade Boys Division #3: Austin Lackey

Strength Club Trip to SBU and MSU Qualifiers: (Had to have 55% Winter weight room attendance and participate in the Iron Man/Woman Contest):

Donald White, Marshal Whitham, Tyler Guerin, Hunter Noakes, Holdt Heckenlively, Nehemiah Simmons, Gregory Brouwer, Guy Thomas, Brandy Hough, Mackenna Neale, Killan Holloran, Cole Thomas, Mitch Wilson, Joe Guerin, Nora Wheatly, Taylor Smart, Makayla Cutler, and Maddy Jones


Strength Club Record Breakers

  • Johnathon Lewis broke the heavy weight division power clean record with a lift of 280 lbs. This is the best power clean in all divisions at Osceola.
  • Nathan Piccoli broke the overall weight lifted with the lifts of bench, squat, and clean of a total of 930 lbs. This is also the best in all divisions.
  • Austin broke the squat record in the heavy weight division with a lift of 450 lbs. Again, best in all divisions. 
  • Eli Mitchell for breaking the power clean record in in the 185 lb class with a 260 lb lift.

EventIron Man & Iron Woman Competition 2016
We had 39 students participate in the 2016 Osceola Iron Man/Woman Competition. This competition was for Osceola students grades 7-12. The events were: Bench, Squat, Clean, Pro Agility, Vertical Jump, 20 yard dash, and Standing Long Jump. The students were divided up into groups according to their age and body weight. The top point winner in each group will get their name up on the Iron Man/Woman board which is in the weight room. Here are the winners of each division:

JH Girls (None Entered)

JH Boys--7th Grade: Killian Halloran 
JH Boys--8th Grade: Mitch Wilson (Division #1) and Tyler Guerin (Division #2)

HS Girls--9-10th Grade: 
Brandy Hough (Division #1), Taylor Smart (Division #2)

HS Girls --11-12th Grade: 
Geneva McGrath (Division #1), Hailey Hough (Division #2)

HS Boys--9-10th Grade: 
Gavin Reed (Division #1), Ethan Whiting (Division #2), Garrett DeWitt (Division #3)

HS Boys--11-12th Grade: 
Blake Murray (Division #1), Johnny Lewis (Division #2), Marek Thompson (Division #3) 


Iron Man & Iron Woman Competition

We had 19 students participate in the 2015 Osceola Iron Man/Woman Competition. It is the 30th year anniversary of the Osceola Strength Club and the Iron Man/Woman or Lift-a-thon competition. The Club was created by former football coach Jeff Floyd in 1985. We had lift-a-thons to raise money for equipment as well as competing against each other. It has made a big impact on the school as the sports programs have excelled and our fitness curriculum has improved. The competition is composed of three main lifts: Bench, Squat , and Power Clean. There are different divisions based on grade and body weight to organize the competition levels. These 3 lifts were introduced back in 1985 to Osceola High School and it has been a tradition ever sense!

Here are the winners of each division. (Not all divisions were filled). 
JH Girls--7th Grade Girls-Ali Frazier 
JH Boys--7th Grade Boys #1 Mitch Wilson, 7th Grade Boys #2 Tyler Guerin, 8th Grade Boys-Gavin Reed. 9-10th Boys-- #1 Jason Kennedy, 9-10th Boys #2--Nathan Piccoli, 9-10th Boys #3-Austin Lewis
11-12th Boys-- #1 Zach Carney, 11-12th Boys#2--Drew Carney, 11-12th Boys #3-Marek Thompson

*Eli Mitchell broke the power clean record in the 185lb class with a lift of 255lbs.
*Johnny Lewis broke the power clean record in the 200lb class with a lift of 235lbs.


Iron Man & Iron Woman Competition 2014

We had our annual Iron Man/Woman Contest March 2014.  The contest is open to all students @ Osceola High School grades 7-12.  They compete in 6 events (Bench Press, Power Clean, Vertical Jump, 20 Yard Dash, Standing Long Jump, and Pro Agility Drill).  They are divided up into divisions according to their grade and body weight.  Here are the winners of each division.

Women's Divisions:
7th-8th Grade-None Entered
9th-10th Grade Girls Division #1-Nora Wheatley
9th-10th Grade Girls Division #2-Rachel Motley
11th-12th Grade Girls Division #1-Brooke Wilson

Men's Division:
7th Grade Boys Division #1-Xu Shang
8th Grade Boys Division #2-Holdt Heckenlively
9th-10th Grade Boys Division #1-Zach Carney
9th-10th Grade Boys Division #2-Eli Mitchell
9th-10th Grade Boys Division #3-Marek Thompson
11th-12th Grade Boys Division #1-Larry Jones
11th-12th Grade Boys Division #2-Zack Colby
11th-12th Grade Boys Division #3-Trevor Dean

*Trevor Dean broke the 200lb Division Power Clean Record with a lift of 230lbs.
*Eli Mitchell broke the 170lb Division Power Clean Record with a lift of 250lbs.
*Larry Jones broke the 140lb Division Power Clean Record with a lift of 225lbs.


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