Strength Club

Sponsor: Coach Carney

Grades: 7th-12th

Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday - 3:45-4:30 p.m.

History of Strength Club: Osceola Strength Club was started in the spring of 1985. It has been 35 years in existence! The idea of strength club was to have a "total strength program" that will benefit the athlete or the regular student. Also the program is designed to create a FAMILY atmosphere with our student athletes. It doesn't matter what sport you are in or even if you are in a sport--we lift together as one. ONE designed weightlifting program for ALL Osceola student/athletes. We also have a time where we will test and compete during the spring (around March). We will test in Bench, Squat, Clean and various other agility/speed tests. This test/competition is known as the Iron Man/Woman contest (on the board in the weight room). You have the opportunity to get your name on the board if you are the strongest in your division. You also have the opportunity to earn a medal if you finish in the top three in your division.

Summer Body Weight Workouts

May 2020

2020 Osceola Iron Man/Woman Contest Results:

Girls Winners:
7th Grade: Div #1 - Grace Colby, Div #2 - Clara Hyke
8th Grade: Div #1 - Kyleigh Crabb, Div #2 - Jordan Jackson
9th-10th Grade: Div #1 - Anna Noakes, Div #2 - Britney Burton
11th-12th Grade: Div #1 - Aleah Asare, Div #2 - Elizabeth Garlick

Boys Winners:
7th Grade: Div #1 - Clayton Crabb, Div #2 - Preston Listerud
8th Grade: Div #1 - Bill Snider, Div #2 - Sam Jones
9th-10th Grade: Div #1 - Uriah Williamson, Div #2 - Cole Thomas, Div #3 - Joseph Williams
11th-12th Grade: Div #1 - Darren Byrd, Div #2 - Mitchell Wilson, Div #3 - Gregory Brouwer

Osceola Iron Man/Woman Contest Results:

Records Broke:
Guy Thomas: Broke the 185lb Wt Division Power Clean Record with a lift of 275lbs
Hunter Noakes: Broke the 155lb Wt Division Power Clean Record with a lift of 235lbs.
Rylee White: Broke the HWY Division Bench with 275lbs, Squat with 475lbs, Power Clean with 270lbs, and overall total with 1,015lbs.

Girls Winners:
7th Grade: Anna Noakes
8th Grade: Division #1 Zoe Tillotson and Division #2 Britney Burton
9th-10th Grade: Div #1 Elizabeth Garlick and Div #2 Makayla Cutler
11th-12th Grade: Div #1 Brandy Hough and Div #2 Taylor Smart

Boys Winners:
7th Grade: Div #1 Evan Listerud and Div #2 Jordan Bruce
8th Grade: Div #1 Gage Smart and Div #2 Corbin Roth
9th-10th Grade: Div #1 Brandon Sarton, Div #2 Hunter Noakes, Div #3 Donald White
11th-12th Grade: Div #1 Rylan Sommer, Div #2 Guy Thomas, Div #3 Rylee White

Photo of White, Noakes, and Thomas
Rylee White, Hunter Noakes, & Guy Thomas New Record Holders