District Info

Mission Statement
The Osceola School District is a place where student achievement and success is our highest mission by providing the finest faculty, staff, and facilities in a secure and intellectually invigorating environment, we will empower students to apply learned skills and knowledge with integrity allowing them to become motivated, productive members of society.

We, the staff and patrons of the Osceola School District, envision a district in which the following practices are embedded in the culture of the organization.  We believe that these practices are the most promising strategies for ensuring the highest standard of learning for all of our students.  The fulfillment of this vision relies on the commitment of all stakeholders to hold themselves accountable for the following practices: 

  • Schools that are safe, where students are known and valued, and teacher genuinely care about the students' academic and non-academic success.

  • A district that provides a professional teaching staff that has superior knowledge of subject matter, the skill set necessary to ensure student learning, the capacity to accurately assess student learning, and high expectations for the learning of all students.

  • A district that provides well maintained, attractive, and functional facilities that are equipped with the latest technology to serve the needs of learners.  

  • A community that is involved in every aspect of the curricular and extra-curricular offerings of the district.